About Us

Hello everyone.  We're Steve & Nancy Narducci from the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

Tarbix is an online extension of my wife and I's travel throughout the country. (here at Lake Havasu)

You may have seen us at Car shows, RV shows, Christmas shows, and Ham Radio shows in over 25 states throughout the country.

We are well known in these circles and have a great following by thousands of awesome customers.  We've been asked for over 3 years to build a website so that these awesome customers can still purchase items from us if they are not able to attend these shows, or they want more of what they've purchased.  We've heard many times how a friend of a customer wants something cool they've bought.

So we've done just that.  Welcome - Tarbix.com

We also have a Facebook page called Tarbix. 

You can also find me personally on Facebook as Steve Narducci

We hope you have the same great online buying experience as we've had meeting you at these shows.  We recognize many of your faces as you come to visit us. 

We also welcome new online customers we've never met.

With our store, you're not buying from Walmart or some major organization.  Its just my wife and I's small online store.  We also support other small businesses over the big conglomerates. 

We don't have a brick and mortar store (never have) but we find awesome gadgets and test each one.  We want to make sure that the items we sell are ones that you would want.  Our suppliers have a very close relationship with us  over the years and treat us as royalty and provide us rock-bottom prices.  They are constantly sending us free samples to try.  Many items don't meet our standards of quality but a few do, and that is what we offer.

Ever seen 2 items with the same listing that have big differences in prices? Some of that could be sellers are more greedy than others, but many times its the quality of the item.  We've found the chipset inside, or the materials in the cheaper priced items are substandard as the factory can save a tiny amount of money per unit by doing so.  We don't opt for that and only want the higher quality item and then test them to be sure.

These are the ones we sell at our shows and now online.  Happy customers come back and buy more.  We like happy!

If you've bought something you're happy with, please send us some feedback that we can use for "reviews" of our items.  

When you email Tarbix, you're emailing me - Steve Narducci  sales@tarbix.com

So don't hesitate to email and ask me any questions.  I usually have my email with me everywhere.  I typically don't answer my cell, as I stay very busy, but trust me, I answer all emails including yours, very timely.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your shopping experience with us!